04 November 2016

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. Whew. Made it to another Friday. Most days start out the same, but on Friday I can drop the schedule once I get the hubby and daughter out the door. Jack and I are left to our own devices til school pick-up at almost 4pm.
  2. My last post may have helped my contractor karma or something. I got THREE calls later that day. One call dropped, so I called and left him another message. One call made an appointment for yesterday morning (waiting on an actual follow-up quote). The third call made an appointment for next Friday. If yesterday's visitor actually gives a good quote, he said they may be ready to start work next week. So then I can call next Friday's appointment to say come now, or stay away... I'm an optimist at heart <3
  3. Tonight is our annual baton twirling dress rehearsal as we get ready for the state competition later this month. Busy night for the girls! After school, we'll hurry through dinner so she can be back to [another] school in hair and make up within about an hour.
  4. I'm so grateful that our fall weather isn't any cooler yet. Oh, I know it will be soon enough.
  5. Who's started holiday shopping? My Posh commission comes next week, and I plan to use it to make a good dent in shopping. And I think I'll even get our advent jars set up before the last few days of November. Hahaha... 
  6. I'm going to try taking the kids to a local craft fair tomorrow morning. I think my daughter will really enjoy it, and I'm hoping my son can be bribed.
  7. My office is still clean. I love it in here. Once a week or so I've been bringing up the giant tubs of stuff from my old office. That's all been boxed up and in the basement storage room for more than five years! On the one hand, some of it is easier now to promptly throw away, but a few things are harder to let go now that they've made it this long. Make sense? ;)
  8. I don't think the kids were entirely pleased when they got in the car to find the radio playing Christmas carols yesterday. Yay for being the mom - they're gonna have to get used to it for a while!
  9. Yes, I'm listening to holiday music while my Halloween is only half packed away. Give me another day ;)
  10. And no, I will not be putting up actual winter holiday decorations yet. But the music sounds so happy!!

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