07 October 2016

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I'm suddenly in a better mood. This week has been busy, which has just complicated my anxiety about the kids' school stuff, and my to-do list, and keeping all the balls in the air. Now that I made it to Friday, I'm taking a deep breath. The cider and donuts from our orchard trip yesterday probably aren't hurting either.
  2. Haven't looked at the forecast yet, but really hoping this gorgeous weather holds out for another day so we can enjoy the homecoming parade tomorrow.
  3. I have a GREAT book review planned for ya'll. I'll probably get that written and up on Monday (famous last words). I finished the book more than a week ago, but I got started on another one that's really good, so I've been spending my time reading more, instead of writing up what I already read. It's a good problem to have.
  4. What good movies for the whole family have you seen lately? I promised the kids we could pick up pizza and a movie from Redbox tonight.
  5. I think I'll actually take some time to make thank-you cards for my Close to My Heart customers after lunch. It's much easier now that my office is finally clean.
  6. The world just feels full of POSSIBILITY today!! Is it just me? (btw, I'm making myself finish this post before I have a fresh caramel apple from the orchard yesterday. LOL)
  7. What is up with Pandora's randomness? It all tends to be songs I enjoy, but all. over. the. board.
  8. Jack is so thrilled to have found the Go Noodle videos they dance to in school, on his sister's laptop. I can hear him all morning talking back to them and dancing. I assume he's still downstairs alone, anyway.
  9. I can't wait to go visit my parents this weekend. I'm always happy to see them :) Wish we all lived closer.
  10. I realized, part of my better mood is my monthly commission payday. LOL Want an extra income from home? Message me about Perfectly Posh. ;)


Liz Parker said...

I have that problem with good books sometimes too, lol. I have a book review to write up hopefully tonight, otherwise I'm not going to have time until Tuesday ... and meanwhile I'm probably starting another book lol. Also, donuts and cider sounds great!

Unknown said...

I love Fridays and cider and donuts!! We seen the movie "Don't Breathe" at the theaters a couple weeks ago. It was a great movie but not for kids! Hope you have a great weekend.

Rachel said...

Sounds like things are going well for you. Happy to hear that. The donuts from the orchard sound wonderful!

Michelle Tardiff said...

I love Fridays. We went to the cider mill last weekend. That's what I love about the fall, apple cider and doughnuts are always a great thing. As far as movies go, I don't thunk there's much out there that is good for families to go see right now.

Erin said...

It looks like the weather turned out to be beautiful in Michigan today. Meanwhile, I was getting rained on while sitting at a football game in Washington, D.C. The Mid-Atlantic was pretty wet today thanks to Hurricane Matthew.