17 May 2016

Spring WILL Come!!

Last week was CRAZY! But one of the bright spots for me was pulling in the driveway to see a Prove Winners Direct box on my porch - my new plant had arrived!

When they said it was coming, I wasn't sure exactly how something like a plant arrives safely in Michigan in early May, but it made it in excellent condition. The box had dividers like it could possibly hold four plants of this size. Thanks to the Proven Winners Direct packaging and an attentive UPS delivery driver, my precious plant in the box was upright and very little soil was displaced from the actual container where it belonged.

The plant I got is a Vista Bubblegum Supertunia and was ordered/labeled as being 4.25". It's so bright and cheerful! Hubby got me a small pot when he went out that evening, and planted it safely in its new home. Well, its new pot. It's new home will be my fabulous table on the porch, but after driving through snow squalls on Monday, I think it's safer to keep it inside by my kitchen sink til at least Memorial Day. Darn Michigan weather!

I was also surprised to remember I rather like the smell of dirt/fresh potting soil. I'm excited for my DIY hanging basket coming soon from Proven Winners! I believe I'll also be having a giveaway for a DIY hanging basket for a special reader - be sure and comment here if you'd be interested (official giveaway to follow).

I received this lovely plant in exchange for my unbiased review.


Jenn said...

I feel, and smell of dirt/ potting soil reminds me of my grandmother and my childhood. Makes me smile. She loved her garden and her flowers.

Unknown said...

It looks like your plant arrived safe and sound and was well packaged. It's a nice size too. I've ordered from some other sites and the plants are so small and always look like they're on their last leg. I would definitely try ordering from Proven Winners. I hear you about our crazy weather. I'm so glad that due to special circumstances, I'm late getting my planting in. Sometimes things really do work out for the best! :)

Liz Parker said...

Sounds fun. I heard it snowed here this past weekend, btw?! (I was out of town) That's crazy.

Mom Among Chaos said...

I still have a few in the house. I need to finish my garden today but got hit with being sick. Yay!