15 April 2016

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Don't you love when something great goes even better than expected? My Perfectly Posh team did an online informational session on Facebook last night about our business. I got the bones of a script from someone else, but then tweaked it for our month and our team, put in a couple more graphics, and even made two short videos. Then I worried - what if no one showed up? What if they were all mean and just coming to heckle? What if they just showed up to try and win prizes and didn't participate or care what we were saying?? Instead - the event went GREAT!! We have SIX people who want to take a closer look, which is so exciting!! We were done with the meeting by 10PM, but then I had a hard time falling asleep, and I woke up still all bouncy about it :D
  2. AND my mom and dad are coming over today!! They've been in Florida for the winter, and just got 'home' earlier this week. Can't wait to catch up - we haven't seen them since we visited Florida in February.
  3. I'm happy to have a weekend where we have stuff planned every day (which means motivation to shower and leave the house), but not ALL DAY every day. We'll have some free time and be ready to do more fun stuff!
  4. I also promised my daughter we could go get more fish. About half of my aquarium mysteriously bit the dust a couple weeks ago. So since then we've changed 1/3 of the water about twice a week. Now that we're home for a bit, it's time to try and restock. The two frogs and two fish left are looking a little lonely.
  5. Could spring finally be here? I believe we're looking at temps in the 60s, and even up to 70 or so this weekend!!

  6. You're welcome. I believe we have Kimmie to thank for this one...
  7. My son is upstairs singing the gecko song now, in case you were wondering.
  8. In the bad news department, my Meijer has been out of Coney Island Root Beer for a really.long.time. :(
  9. I really do feel like the luckiest girl. Fabulous kids. Hard-working husband. Great business. Wonderful friends. What you focus on, you find. And I focus on a whole lotta fabulous-ness.
  10. Jack has stopped singing the gecko song, and is now telling Fred Rogers that he is NOT his neighbor. LOL


Liz Parker said...

So I read this quickly and I read this (I also promised my daughter we could go get more fish) as "movie fish" and was like "hmm, what are movie fish??" lol.

Also do people still watch Mr. Rogers?! I loved that show as a kid.

Dad of Divas said...

You have a lot on your to do list, but all good things! We have to get new fish every now and again, but it is all dependent on how much my daughter is actually taking care of the fish that she already has!

Rachel said...

That is really awesome about the turn out for your Posh event. I hope something great becomes of it. I wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

Dad and I loved our catch up visit and that delicious meal you prepared!!! And you're absolutely right, what you focus on expands. I pray that your life is ABUNDANTLY full of wonderful goodness and joy.

Ron Leyba said...

The number 9 at your list is truly amazing. Seems like you are really having a great life now. Hopefully, I'll be able to write the same thing to at my blog, soon!