29 March 2016

He Never Died - Movie Review

It was the movie's star - Henry Rollins - that first caught my attention and made me want to see this movie. I was surprised to see it was released in December, 2015, and I don't recall hearing anything about it (although I'm admittedly don't keep up much on current entertainment),

That being said, it's hard to find the right words to discuss He Never Died without turning part of the population off to it before they give it a chance. Although Jack (the main character, played by Rollins) never dies, he isn't a 'vampire,' per se, and even tells someone not to use that word.

I can only imagine how much he has seen in his lifetime, and there are actual laughable moments as you watch how little actually has an effect on him anymore. You've lived through war, and thousands of things that have killed people, so a street thug doesn't hold much fear anymore, you know?

The only thing that seems new, or at least out of the ordinary for him in this life, was finally forming attachments with people. And that downfall, as it were, is the cause of most of the action in this movie. A series of events cause Jack to - however reluctantly - decide he needs to act and do something besides just exist.

I really enjoyed this movie, although I can see how the darker aspects of it may be off-putting to some. It posed more questions about the possibility of immortality, and what that might really be like, than discussing what form of being Jack really was, or how he came to be that way. I saw rumors on some reviews that there may be some movies intended to be before this one, or some to come afterward, and I may look into that more. I would assume the only tie could be Jack, as the plot of this movie was pretty well tied up, leaving mostly more curiosities about Jack and how he chooses to continue his existence.

If you saw this movie, let me know what you thought!

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DetroitDuchess said...

This sounds a lot like a TV show I was really into last year, Forever, where the main character was immortal - he wasn't a vampire either. I really loved it and was sorry they cancelled it. I could see myself liking this movie!