30 March 2016

Zootopia - Movie Review

Zootopia was my daughter's pick for our mommy/daughter date last weekend. We both really enjoyed it!

After a few friends had seen it before us, some people questioned its suitability for younger kids. Even a couple of my daughter's friends talked about a VERY scary part in the middle. Fortunately my daughter enjoys watching zomedies with me and reading creepy books, so I wasn't really worried about her fear factor.

Some of the dialogue near the beginning of the movie seemed to go right over my daughter's head with its jaded humor. I was laughing out loud already as Judy Hop's parents told her everything that was wrong and impractical about going after one's dreams. It reinforced my belief that I would enjoy the movie.

There were a couple of scary parts, but as expected, they didn't bother either of us too much. A little startle can be fun, right? As you may be able to tell from my chosen trailer above, the sloths were some of my favorite characters from the movie. We were both also fans of the cheetah who worked dispatch, and definitely made our own Dancing with Gazelle videos once we got home.

Despite the discouragingly humorous speech from Judy's parents at the beginning of the movie, it did show an excellent message of all the good that can come from working toward your dreams, both for yourself and those you may inspire and help along the way. The city of Zootopia was also an excellent example of living with diversity, but I don't know how applicable it feels when they're using actual predators and prey as the subjects.

Have you or your kids seen Zootopia yet? Do you plan to? We'd encourage it, if you think you're up to a little scary part.

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Mom Among Chaos said...

My daughter and I saw it. She thought it was okay. I still can't believe it out sold Frozen opening weekend.