11 February 2016

How I Make Money from Home

Yup - just what it says - how I make money from home. These may not be for you, and it's certainly not intended to be a big ole list. It's the real stuff I do most days so I have walking around money without leaving my darling son.

Blogging - This is frankly not the top of my list, because it generates the least cash for me. I do receive some cash, as well as some things to review or promote. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of info to help you get started with this. The companies I work with for these are relationships I've been in for years, and my understanding is that they approach the blogs they want to work with.

Test Scoring - I originally got started with test scoring (my title is 'Reader,' and I read the essay portion of standardized tests) by working at a live testing center that was near where I lived at the time. When the position was phased out there, the gossip mill sent many of us to Pearson Assessments. I don't recall the exact requirements, but I believe they require a degree, as well as teaching or scoring experience. This is a very part-time position for me, as most scoring of projects (at least the ones I am qualified for) are for just a few months of spring or early summer.

Dog Walking - Hey, this is my story, and the neighbor's dog is a part of it :) I walk the little tyke around the neighborhood twice a day from Monday - Friday. It's part of my list of consistent income, and also gets me some exercise and fresh air. A job that doesn't keep me chained to my computer is a very good thing.

Close To My Heart - I just started in the fall as an independent consultant with Close To My Heart (CTMH). CTMH is primary a scrapbooking and card-making company, with lots of papercrafting supplies, as well as some jewelry making stuff, and frames and things that you can customize for home decor. While I'm really enjoying doing workshops in my home, and making cards and things for samples in my spare time, this is not my biggest source of income. If I devoted the same time to it, it certainly could generate more money for me, but that's not my priority with this venture. There is a start-up cost to this business, but you get a huge kit of stuff in exchange for your investment.

Perfectly Posh - This is my favorite and most lucrative job from home. I am an independent consultant for Perfectly Posh, which offers pampering products which are all naturally based, made in the USA, and $25 or less each. Additionally, when anyone buys 5 items, they get the 6th free! It's a fun shopping experience, with great products. For my job, I share samples of Posh with my friends and family, as well as with people I meet online or in person. SinceI've been in the business for almost a year and a half now, I also have a team which I try to advise, teach, mentor and motivate. This may involve educating on our product and programs, as well as having contests and things and maintaining a team page. I also work closely with other leaders in the company on best practices, and working toward my own growth. The start-up cost is slightly less with Perfectly Posh, and again you get a lot of products to share and use.


Liz Parker said...

Test scoring! Interesting. I make money from home by blogging (not that much, unfortunately), doing social shares (through BlogHer, etc.), and doing those Best of Detroit articles for CBS Detroit that I do. :) They don't pay a lot either but they do add up over time.

Bree said...

Sigh. I'd love to work from home. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

I signed up for Pearson, but haven't heard anything yet. Perfect fit for this retired teacher!

Mom Among Chaos said...

I applied for one of those scoring job but they wanted me to be a supervisor and work a million hours. No thanks! Great list!

GeekDad248 said...

I work from home a lot but just because technology lets me do my traditional job anywhere I want to be rather than forcing me to sit in an office all day. Essentially just go into the office to meet with clients now a days.

Michelle Tardiff said...

I love scrapbook in but never get the time to do it. Perfectly posh is really great, lobe their hand lotion.

Ron Leyba said...

This is interesting. The test scoring sounds promising.