24 October 2015

Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales - REVIEW

Another great Disney Live show :)

The kids and I just got back from Disney Live - Three Classic Fairy Tales. I just can't say enough how much fun it is watching my four-year-old finally get into enjoying the shows. He shouted his name when asked, and helped us all yell for Mickey. So much fun!!

There were little vignettes of Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle. My daughter says her favorite was Snow White, because the dwarves were so cute. She also liked recognizing the parents of the characters in one of her favorite movies - Descendants. There's Evie's mom, the Evil Queen!

I know my son was paying attention during Cinderella, as he just met a guest at our front door and quizzed him on which slipper was broken (yes, he was wearing two dress-up plastic Disney shoes while asking).

The finale is always breathtaking. Everyone was so white, and twinkly and glittery! We weren't quite close enough to catch the confetti this time.

Disney definitely knows how to entertain :)

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MidMichigan Mom said...

It looks like your family had a fantastic time at the Disney Live show. It must have made your heart happy to see your kids engaged and paying attention. Seriously, your son asking which skipper was broken is adorable!

DetroitDuchess said...

Looks like a great show for kids! I love Snow White too!