08 September 2015

Remodel Time!

Now that I'm down to one car, and my beloved Charger has been sold, we have a little extra cash for those projects on the to-do list that we can't make happen for free. So it must be fate that I saw these ovis's drawer slides now, right? That is one BEAUTIFUL kitchen! I don't even usually enjoy much cooking, but Hamburger Helper would taste better if it came out of those cupboards! I especially admire that mixer lift. All my baking projects start with me mumbling, "Lift with the knees.." as I get my mixer off the broken drawer under the island.

While I'll certainly keep this kitchen on my wish list, I think we need to redo the flooring in Jack's room first. The mysterious behavior of any pet that comes into that room leads me to believe that someone who lived here before us had a misbehaving animal in there. To start with a fresh slate, I want to remove all the carpet, refresh the subfloor, and put in some hardwood floor (and a nice rug for comfort). His recent potty training also means we can get rid of the changing table and get him a dresser. The room's decor will probably be rounded out with a loft bed (starting with something a little lower to the ground, but converting once he has the good sense to not fall out of bed onto his noggin).

It's always fun to be able to cross things off the constant home improvement list. Can't wait to give Jack a room he can truly enjoy as his own.

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siteseer said...

Have fun with that lol Love to see the end results though I don't always like to do the work.