24 September 2015

Products I've Loved This Week

Actually this week I want to talk about two products and a service.

First, my BFF recommended this Covergirl - Bombshell Volume by Lashblast mascara. The exact quote I sent to her after using it for a few days: "It is the bomb-diggity." For realz.

It's a two-step thing (I believe you can use just one of the steps, but I can't be bothered to put on my reading glasses to discern the fine print on the package). This would have initially turned me off after my experiences with another popular two-step mascara, but this one is much easier and more straight-forward. Neither of the steps is flaky or goopy - they both just feel like regular mascara. I can actually see the second step separating my lashes (yay - no spider lashes) and making them appear longer.

For only around $10 at your regular Covergirl carrying drugstore or market, you need this mascara in your life.

My second fabulous find in the last week or so was these barkTHINS. OMG.  I got a coupon for the flavor of my choice in my last Influenster VoxBox and chose the Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt. Again, OMG. These things were so good! I got them before a road trip with above-referenced bestie, and am now afraid for her to find out how super-delicious they were, because we never opened them on the trip. I ate the whole bag, by myself, the day after our adventures.

The dark chocolate of this particular flavor keeps them from being too sweet, and the always-heavenly combo of sweet and salty resulted in a genuine party in my mouth. I will definitely get these again.

And since we all hear plenty of complaints about the United States Postal Service, I had to share my wonderful experience. I actually have lots of good experiences with the office where my PO box is located, but the office that delivers mail to my residence leaves lots to be desired.

My wonderful experience, though, was a phone call with a woman at a mystery office. I had ordered some stickers for my Erin Condren planner a few weeks ago, and was super excited when the tracking information on the USPS site showed an estimated delivery of Thursday, September 17. But September 17 came and went, and my stickers stayed about an hour from my house. I finally went through the website and submitted an inquiry over the weekend.

Monday a pleasant and efficient employee called me to get the tracking number and look into it for me. She said a first-class package like mine can take up to two weeks to deliver. After two weeks is when they usually start sending requests to track and stuff like that. But she went ahead and said she'd message the appropriate office that day. Her explanation was reasonable and polite, but she still offered to go above and beyond to see if she could get it moving again for me.

That night, I watched the tracking update to show my package leaving that office an hour from my home around 7PM, and they were in my mailbox the next morning! Thank you nice lady!

What's gone right for you this week?


Anonymous said...

I had a beautiful day to host several friends. A great relaxing day.

Rachel said...

I got a new haircut today. Much shorter then ever before. The weather has been perfect!

Nicole Lintemuth said...

I had an awesome weekend camping with friends and I'm harvesting my popcorn and pumpkins tomorrow!

Unknown said...

I love CoverGirl mascara! This week I've been able to stick to my to-do list--which NEVER happens. I'm trying to still get back on schedule after school started for my kiddos.

Jenn said...

I had a great evening with friends this week. Can't have too many of those.