16 July 2015


I should have realized what an integral part of my brain music is when I was always fighting with the kids over the sound system we have in the family room. The kids wanted to keep watching shows, but I just wanted to put on Pandora so I can hear some music as I move around the house doing the things I need to get done each day.

It's probably a lucky thing I never got into making music and investing in 2-ai and other equipment as a hobby. I'd have an excuse to always be doing music, and might not get anything else done!

As it is, I'm very excited that I earned enough points from my sales job to order a new iPod for myself. It's on its way! I have a really old iPod, but it won't hold a charge anymore, so I just leave it plugged in the car to provide a wide variety of tunes there. Since hubby and I used to share it, it does have a wide variety of music! My plan for my new one is to put just the stuff I really want to listen to on it, and keep it in my pocket, with my earbuds in my ears. ;)

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