17 July 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. The kids and I are really excited to go spend tomorrow with my parents and some family friends at their lake cottage. Hubby has racecar stuff to work on before the big race coming up.
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  3. Dang, I really love Cherry Coke.
  4. Anndd... now I think I know why Jack keeps saying, "Dang it!"
  5. I'm glad to say my kids are *finally* getting a bath. I keep thinking night-time is better for a bath, but by then I'm tired, so I'm easily talked out of it...
  6. I'm also glad it's finally supposed to be hotter out for a few days!
  7. Maggie and I are making great progress in her room. Honestly, it's mostly her. I'm just goosing her back into action when she gets distracted. Her goal is to get it clean and KEEP it clean so she can get a hamster. I already told her she'll have to keep it clean for quite a while - without my help - before we get the hamster.
  8. Yay!! After the basement dry-out was finished last Saturday, the project manager for the construction division called me just now to come out and see about what they need to do next. Hello new padding, patched drywall, and paint!
  9. We had thought about going putt-putt golfing today, but it's pretty dreary looking (although finally warmer!). Next week, for sure.
  10. I've heard I'm in the minority, but I sure do love spending the summer with both my super-fun and charming kids :)


Liz Parker said...

Cherry Coke is delicious. My boyfriend got me hooked on Coke with grenadine, actually (similar to Cherry Coke). And yes, the weather is crappy today! :(

Jenn said...

Spending time with grandparents is always fun. The weather is really dreary out today, and i heard it's going to stay that way for the weekend. Time to catch up on movies and writing for me.

Amanda Ripsam said...

I really love having the kids not in school with so many doctor visits that are having to be made I'm glad we finally can get things done around here. I like cherry coke too.

Nancy B said...

I could never understand it when other moms would complain about the kids being home for the summer - like you I loved having the time to spend with Katrina. Enjoy it cuz it goes by so very very fast

Mom Among Chaos said...

I love cherry coke. Have a good trip!

Unknown said...

Cute random list. I loved going out and playing putt-putt. It's so fun!