13 July 2015

Happy Minion Birthday!!

We're started planning by daughter's birthday party. The flooded basement sort of took precedence last week, but now it's full-steam ahead, since we only have two weeks til party time!

Here's our adorable invite (of course with the pertinent details removed...). I found it free through a Pinterest link, but then had to print it at home. I'm running into that a lot with the cool stuff I see on Pinterest, so I'll probably stop by Party City to see what they have ready-to-go before I use up all my ink ;)

We're doing it at our house this year so we can invite all the people my daughter wants to attend. She's a very friendly kid, and her chosen list has gotten way too long for us to afford to take them all out anywhere.

Although we still haven't seen the new minion movie, she insists minions like fruit. Since we scheduled it to be after lunch, I'm figuring we'll have a few fruit trays around, then do our regular cupcake/cake and some ice cream cups.

I always prefer something the kids will keep to a goodie bag of trinkets that may be lost before they even make it out of the car. This year we're planning to decorate small flower pots to look like minions, and then pick up some potting soil and a flat of flowers for them to each plant one in their newly decorated pot.

Besides that, I'm planning on lots of playing time, since most of the kids haven't seen each other since school got out more than a month ago.

My kids are very excited, and even Jack thinks he'll be a year older after Maggie's minion party ;)


Rachel said...

I love the flower pot idea!!! Hope you all have a fun time!

Nicole Lintemuth said...

What a great idea! I love the minion flower pot idea! Practical, cute, and fun!

Liz Parker said...

Cute invite! I love the minions. I still need to see the movie too.

Mom Among Chaos said...

Cute idea! I love the Minions! They like bananas!

Nancy B said...

What a great idea - love it. Happy Birthday to my birthday buddy!

Ron Leyba said...

Great invitation design. Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Love it. I'll be around to help
Supervise if needed. Otherwise I'll be around to watch 😘. Me 😜.