30 May 2015

Reading Challenge - Book 12

I finished my twelfth book for the reading challenge last week: for my 'book of short stories,' I read Ordinary Life by Elizabeth Berg.

I don't usually search out short stories, and was not really looking forward to reading a whole book of them, but I was pleasantly surprised. As I knew from novels I'd read, Elizabeth Berg does a really good job writing female characters and making them come alive. Her short stories were no different. The biggest problem came to be when the 'short' stories were longer than I should be sitting and reading.

While I"m not sure if it's because I was just ready to read, I especially liked the first story about a 79-year-old woman who takes a pseudo-retreat to her bathroom for a week. Since I have a pre-schooler underfoot all the time, my bathroom might be just the place for a quiet retreat.

I'd recommend this book, as I enjoyed it very much.


siteseer said...

short stories was a hard one for me but I did complete it. Now let's escape to the bathroom

DetroitDuchess said...

Interesting, I'd love to hear more about your reading challenge!

Unknown said...

I've read one of her books before and I loved it! Short stories would be great for the summer. I'll add this to my list!

Ron Leyba said...

I never participated into any reading challenge. Maybe, if the challenge will allow short stories, I might join sometime soon! This Elizabeth Berg book sounds promising.