15 May 2015

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. No rain. No rain. No rain. Maggie's Brownie trip will be at the zoo tonight. Oh - so will I. No rain, please.
  2. Just got a free shipping offer from e.l.f. (eyes-lips-face). The retractable lip brush I want could be $3 delivered to my door. May be time to cash in the soda cans...
  3. I've never been really girly-girl-ish, but I sure am loving all my goodies from Perfectly Posh. Good thing I sell it!
  4. I'm excited to get a quote back for our landscaping work. I really, really hope it's a good quote and they're available to get started soon!
  5. Last night all the stuff I need to do today and into this weekend was clouding my brain and keeping me awake. Which is really unfortunate, because I have a feeling I may not get a really good night's sleep tonight in a room full of excited Brownies...
  6. I really need to get my nails re-polished.
  7. I can hardly believe summer is almost here. Can't wait for warm weather and fun!!
  8. Also a bit excited to go eat leftover coffee cake for breakfast. YUM!!
  9. It may be entirely too optimistic, but I'm going to download the next book I want to read for the reading challenge to my Kindle today. You know, in case I have time to read tonight. HA!
  10. Grocery shopping feels so weird when we need so many munchies. Jack and Maggie are here for snacks every day, but meals are sort of hit or miss.


Jenn said...

Great list. It's nice to get to know the blogger behind the site.
I could have written half of these myself.

Unknown said...

I agree!!! No Rain!!!
#6. I am getting my nails done tomorrow! SOOOO excited to have pretty hands and feet. =)

Liz Parker said...

Ooh what's the reading challenge? I'm a book blogger too but am woefully behind on reading :( work and other obligations have been busy lately. Also, never knew that e.l.f. was eyes-lips-face! Very cool.

Unknown said...

I agree no rain this weekend would be great, especially since we are headed to Cedar Point.
And yes, bring on the summer! Beaches, BBQ, outdoor eating.. Yes yes yes!

Mom Among Chaos said...

I'm hoping it clears up today for the Zoo. Elf has some of the best mascara and you can't beat the price.