05 March 2015

Throwback Thursday

I love this picture.

The oldest in the picture is celebrating her birthday. It was at the nursing home where she was then living. She was my Great-Grandma Maynard.

To her right (on the far left in the photo) is her daughter, my grandmother.

Behind Great-Grandma Maynard is my Aunt Janet (my grandmother's daughter; my mom's sister).

To Aunt Janet's left, or the grown woman in the white shirt almost at the center of the picture, is my Aunt Deanna (my mom's other sister).

At the far right in the white shirt is my mom.

The three kids are my cousin (in the white shirt - that's Aunt Deanna's daughter), me (in the green dress) and my little brother.

I wish I could more vividly remember that day and all we did. The half-eaten cake, surely the birthday song.
The three women on the left side of the photo are gone. My Great-Grandma died, then my Aunt, and then my Grandma.
Half the people in this picture are no longer part of my life. That's sad, and makes the photo feel really old, even though my heart doesn't feel that far removed from it.

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siteseer said...

😢. I wish I'd gotten to know grandma more. She was always 'old' and not the warmest when I knew her. My sister Deanna knew her a lot better but she's almost 9 years older than myself. Deanna has always looked young and still looks great.