24 March 2015

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Welcome to Tuesday's Random Thoughts.

Why do great ideas along with writing motivation and inspiration come when I'm in the shower, or driving, or otherwise - you know - unavailable to write?

I feel like we're finally in the mad dash toward summer. The last decorations I have for the school bulletin board are for Easter. So I'll probably need to get another set without a bunny for the rest of the school year, but the envelope now looks like, "YES. You are done."

And in spite of the inevitability of summer, it is currently less than 20 degrees outside. Fahrenheit, for those of you further north. That's colder than freezing. But I thing somehow warmer than other areas of the country. Very sad.

Maybe I should do a post all about my new biz... I'm having a 'Try-It Tuesday' tonight so local peeps can come try what I've got. Oh! It's Perfectly Posh, btw. 

I could honestly write random things all day, but what I really should be doing is rifling through ALL the little papers on my desk to sort out receipts and such I need for our tax appointment this weekend. Ugh!

1 comment:

Forgetfulone said...

I think we could be friends! I'm thinking about school being out, summer, and so on. I get great ideas when I'm somewhere I can't write. (Murphy's Law for Writers) We are currently getting our tax info together. And... I see you like basketball. Me, too!!!!!!!