21 January 2015

I'm So Funny!

Hubby posted the other day about the new car he 'got' for me (another post to follow...), and someone asked if he could be hubby's wife too. My response? "Sure! I could use the help - do you cook?" Several women liked that comment - apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this way! hahahaha...

I was surprised to recently see that she doesn't have to be a wife - you can also just hire the other woman in raleigh nc. All the help with none of the legal hassles, eh?

If you could outsource one household chore, what would it be? I stand by my first cooking comment. I really do mostly eat to live. And with such a minimal interest in food, it's not much fun to cook for my family either (and I daresay my lacking enthusiasm and abilities don't help their appetite either!).

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