26 November 2014

Not-So-Fun Expenses...

This is definitely the time of year when a lot of people are trying to squeeze even more out of every dime in their pocket. Have you checked on your 'fixed' expenses lately?

It's always an option to call creditors and ask about skipping payments or reducing fees or rates. Even if you've checked previously, you never know when things might change and it could be worth checking on health insurance rates, car insurance rates, or homeowners/renters insurance rates too.

Last but certainly not least, there could also be shortcuts to help you make more of the money you have. One credit union in our area offers a patronage dividend to most members (depending on balances), but another is way worth it for kids' accounts of any balance because of their higher dividend on those accounts.

Check around, and ask around. People love to tell you about great deals they find, and it doesn't always mean hitting the malls and listing black Friday specials.

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