05 October 2014

Planner Happiness

Well, this is the first time I ever shared my weekly planner spread on a Facebook group, and I decided if I wanted to do that, I also wanted to share how happy I am with my planner with those who may actually know me in real life, right?

I love my ErinCondren.com Life Planner (and yes, I know that was the first line of my last post too...). My favorite thing on this week's spread is some of the stickers that I actually made! I learned how from MsWenduhh - Organize, Plan & Print blog. She taught me how to find stuff I like on Pinterest and paste it into a Word document, make it the right size for my planner boxes, then print it out and cut it!

Some people out there turn practically their whole planner into a scrapbook, but I usually use mine for, well, plans! The boxes look white now, but I know more school, blogging, chocolate and other appointments will cover up a lot of that space soon. I also already know I'd like to put some weekly to-dos over on the left hand goals & notes column.

I love my planner!!

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siteseer said...

Happy with my slow paced life. Still need to write things down though.