17 October 2014

10 Random Things for Friday

Yes. It is Friday. Very, very early Friday. And I am antsy and not ready for bed yet, so I'll try a nice brain dump of ten random things. K? K.

  1. I am actually tired.
  2. The bad news is I'm also drinking a glass of water. So once I fall asleep, there's a good chance I'll have to wake up again to pee.
  3. Halloween season is starting with a bang at our house! We have a Halloween party tomorrow night (Boo Bash, I think this one is called), and our annual Spooktacular Stroll on Saturday. Can't wait!
  4. Oh, but since we're busting out the costumes starting tomorrow, I need to go buy the black face pencil to go with Maggie's awesomeness. I ordered it along with her wig, but they didn't put it in the box and ship it. Boo! (Get it?)
  5. And since you asked, the kids are in really close to the same costumes as last year. Jack is Thomas the Train (exactly the same...), and Maggie is another Monster High character (last year was Abby Bominable, this year is Skelita Calveras). Pictures of course to follow.
  6. My office is now about half clean. I decided to put a litter box upstairs for the cat, and my office was the only acceptable room for that. So half of the floor is cleared for that purpose. The other half actually isn't as bad, but it's business stuff, so I just need to dive in, sort it, figure out what I want to keep/use, and investigate re-purposing the rest.
  7. Jack makes me listen to the same CD in the car - ALL. THE. TIME. Now? I haven't been in the car for hours, and the songs are of course still stuck in my head. Ugh.
  8. Once I go to sleep and wake up again, I expect to be a bit befuddled. See, I totally was convinced it was Friday all day Thursday. So now I need to remember to send Maggie to school. Unless I forget? ;)
  9. I jest. Maggie is going to school Friday (today).
  10. Is it just me, or are the leaves changing color early this year? Or am I completely panicked at the thought of winter coming and watching very carefully as it makes its inevitable approach....

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