18 March 2014

Yay! I Won!!

Thanks so much to Marty from Don't Take the Repeats, author and illustrator JC Little (aka The Animated Woman), and Dot & Lil for the adorably charming book, matching mug,  'Hot Chocolate Swirl' soap and shea rescue butter.

The book this themed prize package was centered around is so heart-warming. And the illustration chosen for the mug is perfect. One of the lines from the book was, "Her younger brother wanted to help." Well, of course he did! Since Maggie has a younger brother of her own, she's tried to claim the prizes as her own.

Not so quick, chicky...


The Animated Woman said...

Hey Becki, I'm glad you like the prize pack (more to come from Boiron!). Most of all, I hope you enjoy the book. Thank-you for posting about it, it made my day.

Unknown said...

Aw, give her the mug already ;)