04 February 2014

Please Stop the Mommy Wars

Please check out this gallery: http://herscoop.com/posts/empowering-photo-series/gallery/

I first saw it shared on Facebook, and it's so, so true. The reason women will never rule the world is because we're too busy fighting with each other. Everyone 'works' somewhere. Everyone loves their children and does what they feel is best for them.

Everyone is in charge of their own happiness. Only you can decide what this looks like for you. If you like the look of someone else's, give it a try, don't be cruel to them and their kids because you're jealous. If you think they're doing something totally nuts, don't do it yourself, but don't say unkind things to them just because you don't agree.

We're all in this together. What a wonderful place it could be if more people would act like it.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I did what I wanted, no regrets and you're doing what you want - no regrets. I'm beginning to wonder if just not talking about it is the way to go ??? But you know me lol Just can't help but make everyone feel good - which can't happen. Love you :)