07 February 2014

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I am so. done. with. winter. Seriously.
  2. The Olympics? Look like just an absolute joke this year. That makes me sad. I remember wanting to watch when I was growing up. Now I just read the horrible tweets from those who are there and shake my head.
  3. My hair needs to be trimmed, but I'm just about out of phone minutes (I'll explain how these are related). I need to go get the 'house' phone to call and make an appointment to have my hair cut. But I can only do that if Jack is napping. Otherwise I'll get sucked in and play for an hour and forget til I see a mirror again that my hair needs to be trimmed.
  4. Did I mention that starting April 30 I'll be in Costa Rica? I need warmth.
  5. I'm a laundry goddess lately. I still need to do a load of towels today, and the baby boy's laundry. Oh, and grown-up's underwears. The fun just doesn't end!
  6. I think I'll make fabulous baked ravioli for dinner tonight. This time I got some beef ravioli. I've made it before with cheese, but hopefully this will give us a splash more protein.
  7. Maggie still talks all the time about when Betty was our foster dog. She has all these little fantasies of people bringing Betty back to us. But it doesn't seem to make her as sad anymore.
  8. Hubby saved my tushy for today. Yesterday I finished off the last of my Cherry Coke stash. I love staying in the house (and out of the cold!), so he went to the market last night and got me more. YAY!! Thanks, hubby.
  9. I'm still waiting to talk to tomorrow's chocolate show hostess to determine what she wants to sample, so I can get it all together.
  10. I've somehow still got a relatively busy schedule, but man, I can't WAIT til spring and summer. Really.

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siteseer said...

You are all over the board with random lol I like doing laundry on a regular basis vs going to the laundromat and doing tons. Maggie will always remember her first pet, even if it was for just a few days ;) glad you got your cherry coke :)