05 January 2014

Warm and Fuzzy

I like to think of myself as a 'bling' girl in theory, by my actual jewelry and accessories tend to lean more toward basic metals, small blingy bits, and a couple pair of pearl earrings.

That being said, I do constantly wear five diamond studs (three in my left ear, and two in my right). But since they're real, I think of them as more simple embellishments than obnoxious bling. I also have a couple shirts with bling on them, but one has a cupcake with about five sparkles on it, and the other is the Dove Chocolate Discoveries logo in small stones. Does that make me bling-y or not? I'm not sure...

What's your favorite style or type of jewelry or adornments? The more flash the better? Or just enough to reflect a little light?

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I've bought a few real simple pieces in the last couple of weeks.... nothing real bedazzeling but a simple adornment