06 January 2014

Groundhog Day?

The best comparison to the weather's effect on our community was put up as a Facebook status by my daughter's school:

Have you watched the movie Groundhog Day?
Yep, it's like that…
School is closed on Monday, January 6th.

That was a status yesterday. Then at 10:30 this morning, it happened again. Due to frigidly cold temperatures forecast tomorrow, there will be no school again. It's the fifth snow day in a row (tomorrow). The kids have been out since December 19! Crazy!

I feel like all anyone is talking about is the weather, but I'm seriously pressed to think of something else to talk about when it's doing this much to our everyday lives. Hubby is working from home today, and my hair appointment was canceled (and luckily for me already rescheduled to tomorrow!).

So I'll just close out with another of my favorite posts I've seen lately. Hope you're staying warm and cozy!


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siteseer said...

and again and again and again lol Enjoy your trip