24 January 2014

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I tried to do this post yesterday, thinking it was already Friday. Today? It feels like a Tuesday to me. 
  2. We have another cold/snow day. Maggie and Jack are reportedly 'getting lonely' downstairs while I try and get a few office tasks done.
  3. One week from today my earning period for the Dove Chocolate Discoveries trip to Costa Rica ends. Want to help ensure I get to go? Feel free to visit my site and order. I can ship anywhere in the continental U.S. Easiest order? Go search at my site for Valentine. You can get a 12-piece box of our Double Chocolate Caramel Nut Clusters sent to you at the beginning of February for $32 including shipping. :)
  4. I keep meaning to write a review for these gel nails I got at the store. They ruined my nails. I now have paper thin little stumps. :(
  5. I am so beyond ready for warmer, less snowy/icy weather. Ugh.
  6. Be sure to check back here tomorrow - I finished my first project life scrapbook spread! The first week of January, 2014 is officially documented. :D
  7. I really hope my chocolate tasting party goes well tonight! It's my last one for January. I also have a few team members with shows tonight or this weekend. Fingers crossed for them as well, that their guests will love our delicious products (highly probable) and want to have shows of their own so they can get free chocolate too.
  8. I still really, really love Cherry Coke.
  9. I just realized my Facebook page for this blog no longer matches the blog. Huh. And oddly enough, the networked blogs feed page also features my old layout. Weird.
  10. Both kids are dressed and ready to face the world. I suppose it's my turn next. Shower and dress, then lunch for the short people, then start packing for the chocolate fun tonight. :)

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siteseer said...

It's gotta be hard keeping the kids entertained during all of these 'snow' days. Lots of fun to be had outside if it wasn't so cold