04 November 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Whew. My last menu plan went out the window while hubby was feeling under the weather. See, when he isn't eating with us - for whatever reason - there's no point in me making an actual meal. The kids and I just don't eat enough to warrant the effort.

So now I'm back to trying another menu plan, but I'll warn you in advance - our schedules are CRAZY for the holiday season already, so I get to skip a lot of days (and stock up on bread, soup, cheese, and Totinos pizzas).

MONDAY (11/4): Off track already! We have a visitor in town for one more day and hubby's taking off work, so I think we'll go show him around fabulous Detroit. And eat dinner out while we're there...

TUESDAY (11/5): Popcorn Chicken Parmesan. This was a real winner from my list of suggestions from friends a few weeks ago.

WEDNESDAY (11/6): Tacos. And as usual, I'd love to make time in my schedule on this day to get the yummy chipotle ranch sauce from Rio Wraps.

THURSDAY (11/7): City Chicken.

FRIDAY (11/8): I'm doing a chocolate tasting party this night, so I'm sure hubby will figure something out for himself and the kids.

SATURDAY (11/9): I'm representing Dove Chocolate Discoveries at a fundraising event til 4PM, so my plan is to throw a roast in the crock pot before we all leave in the morning.

SUNDAY (11/10): Tortellini (better known as ear noodles) with alfredo sauce, garlic bread and a fresh veggie.

MONDAY (11/11): Kielbasa and shells & cheese.

TUESDAY (11/12): Another chocolate tasting party

WEDNESDAY (11/13): I scheduled a babysitter so hubby and I can go grab dinner together before our daughter's parent/teacher conference. Woo-hoo!

THURSDAY (11/14): Chili

FRIDAY (11/15): I'm doing another event for Dove, and hubby will be taking the kids to Maggie's baton dress rehearsal. I've recommended that he take them out for dinner afterward to celebrate what a fantastic job I know she will do!

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siteseer said...

I love this menu thing.... I end up with so many leftovers that I have to have at least two leftover nights lol Right now I have leftover chicken salad, potato soup, spaghetti and chicken stuffing stuff with vegetables. So, just from this weekend we have three nights of leftovers. I'm not complaining :)