07 November 2013

LOVING My New Planner!

2014 is right around the corner! Now is the time to start planning, and I'm thrilled that my new planner came in a couple weeks ago. For the second year in a row, I ordered an Erin Condren planner because I love it! I first saw mention of it late last year when a friend was talking about hers. Since I really love organizational stuff, I checked out what she was talking about, and it was love at first sight. I ordered it soon after seeing her glowing mention of hers, and was so bummed that I didn't end up actually receiving it until mid-January. I was determined that wouldn't happen to me again this year!

On the left in the picture is my 2013 planner, and on the right is my 2014. There are plenty of pictures online of the inside pages. I really appreciate the breakdown on the weekly pages of the morning, day, and night sections, instead of hourly scheduling. It's what works for my life. Of course I write in actual times for real appointments, but by and large my day is scheduled before lunch, after lunch, and after everyone's home again.

The biggest drawback I have is the intersection between my love of writing in my planner, and my fetish for Sharpie markers. See, the markers bleed through, so there's always a shadow of the week before or after on everything else. My plan to help alleviate that in 2014 is to use more of the fabulous little color-coded stickers that come in the back of the planner. I didn't use very many of them in 2013 because I had an irrational fear of running out. Now that I have two years' worth of stickers I should be good, right?

I also really like the pen holder I purchase as an add-on. I was concerned at first about it staying put for a whole year, but it's still there. Unfortunately, I forgot to add it on to my 2014 planner order, so I'll have to order again soon ;) Oh, darn? Hahahaha...

Overall, I LOVE my Erin Condren planner!! I'm pretty sure you would love one too, so I'll keep cross-posting her giveaways. You can always see them show up on my Facebook page, but they come and go so quickly I don't usually get around to posting them here before they're over. Go like her page on Facebook so you don't miss out!

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siteseer said...

love your new planner :) I have a small journal and I keep the pen in the spiral... maybe that will work for you. I also like the size of yours.