08 November 2013

10 Random Things for Friday - Gratitude Edition

  1. I'm ever so thankful for my primary physician's examination of my chest xray a few years ago. And I'm at least as thankful for the insurance changes shortly before that. They made it possible for my heart to be repaired, and by at least one cardiologist's estimation, extended my life expectancy by probably double... If it weren't for all this, I probably wouldn't be here to watch my kids grow up. So I'm grateful.
  2. I love our new community. Yes, it's been three years, but it still feels new to me. Although I still miss my friends by our old house a great deal, I do feel good about raising our kids in such a wonderful community, that has ended up feeling very similar to where I grew up.
  3. I'm so appreciative of my car. I know I should have loved a Cadillac best, but my Dodge Charger is so much more than my Cadillac ever was. If it had memory seats, I might never get out (which would negate the need for memory seats..hmmm....).
  4. Did I mention how grateful I am for my new planner?
  5. I'm very thankful for my husband. He's my life partner, and he works hard to make sure our family always has what we need. He's also a super-fun, race-car driving dad, and the kids love playing with him.
  6. I am so glad we live as close as we do to my parents. It's still an hour away, but it could be much, much further in this big ole country of ours. I love having the opportunity to see them once a week or so when they're not on the road, and I love that my kids have so much fun with them.
  7. I'm grateful for my in-laws (and maybe a little guiltily pleased that my kids are so far the only ones ;)). I love seeing the joy my kids bring to them all, and it makes my heart smile to see how much my kids enjoy them.
  8. I love all of my friends more than words can say. They keep me sane, and reassure me when I doubt that sanity. They listen and support me, and also give me the opportunity to feel useful and valued when I can do the same for them.
  9. I am always appreciative of those who support my Dove chocolate business in any way. Whether it's hosting parties, joining my team, purchasing product, congratulating and recognizing me for my successes, helping with the kids so I can work, or even just not being outwardly annoyed when that may seem like all I talk about - my business enables me to indulge in so many of my other loves, and I thank you for helping me be able to continue it.
  10. I'm grateful for my life, and my positive attitude that makes it the best it can be for me. There's good and there's bad, but I make the best of it all and always try to keep smiling, and sharing smiles with everyone else.

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siteseer said...

great post. You are definitely a positive person and his post tells it all :) Love you