04 October 2013


I've been pretending all this time.

I wanted you all to like me. So I've been very non-confrontational and tried to never say anything that could upset anyone. And it apparently didn't work anyway.

So here's who I really am.

I'm a proud breastfeeding mother. I nursed my daughter for two and a half years, and my son for two years so far. I nurse in public, wherever my baby is hungry (although after 18-months or so, I really try to just distract until I'm back in the comfort/privacy of my own home. Nursing an active toddler can be challenging!).

I believe in a pregnancy and birth process with as few interventions as possible. But a happy & healthy baby and mama are always the ultimate goal.

I am a gun owner (well, actually that's hubby, but I'm supportive). Once I don't constantly have a child in my hands, I intend to get my concealed weapon permit. Not because I want to carry a weapon all the time, but because it's in my house and I want the proper training to deal with it in the most beneficial way. It's my right.

I believe in selective and delayed vaccines. When I started kindergarten (you know, back when we rode dinosaurs to school), there were only a handful of shots 'required.' There are now close to 30. No, thank you. And they're all based on age. The size of babies at six months varies GREATLY. Shouldn't a drug dose vary accordingly?

I'm not a christian. I was raised as one, and I've even taught Sunday School decades ago, but the idea of one god ceased being a comfort or believable concept for me. I believe in the goodness in the world, and in doing 'right,' but I don't need anyone's imaginary friend to tell me how to do this. The ideas I most closely align with are wiccan. But even with that I'm solitary (subscribing to no one tradition strictly, and not belonging to any specific coven or group).

Whew. Glad to have all that off my chest. I'll probably think of more later.

Anything surprise you? Make you decide you don't like me after all? I hope not.

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siteseer said...

Nothing new to me :) Love you now, loved you then, LOVE you FOREVER!! You are a fabulous woman creating and living a life filled with love, ambition, and beliefs. I love that you are non-judgemental and still love me even though we are different too. Our values are very similar.