22 October 2013

There's an App for That ;)

I'm not usually much of a techie (or is it techy?). But I do know my life is getting easier with my smartphone. Right now, it's my main source for Facebook (although I usually make a mental note of things I want to see, well, BIGGER), my only venue for Words with Friends, and a whole separate game of Candy Crush than my laptop. Hahahaha... Priorities, people!

It also alerts me promptly about my work emails, controls my tv via Chromecast, and -wonder of wonders- makes phone calls! No, it really does. Oh, and text messages.

You get my point. The one thing that does send me rushing to my laptop is checking out my company's sales stats. The phone screen is just too small for my old eyes to use the internet browser on it. But apparently there's an app that's made that easier for some people.

The goconnect app sets tasks and tracks them to completion for realtors. And their claim to fame is that it's user friendly enough to not require any actual training. Something I could use in 30-minutes flat? Sign me up - as soon as they have a sales/customer service version that isn't based around property. ;)

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siteseer said...

I am not a techie and I hate that kind of stuff.... I do it, but I have to dragged kicking and screaming lol