25 October 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Hubby's been home a lot the last few days and under the weather, so I'm having a hard time keeping track of what day it is. Today does feel like Friday, but so did yesterday...
  2. Halloween is my very favorite holiday, but I feel like a phony about it lately. Hubby is leaving for a race on Halloween, so I didn't plan a costume at all for myself. I'll take the kids out, for sure, and we've obviously done a couple other fun events. I also haven't done much for decorating. Our basement storage room is a scary pile of boxes and I haven't even tried looking for my cool stuff.
  3. I do have some cool nail decals with a candy corn design. I got them from AVON, but I haven't put them on my nails yet. Probably tomorrow morning... The good thing about the decals is they don't have to 'dry.'
  4. My office was getting much better, but I've sort of plateaued in my efforts again. 
  5. I did take care of all the required forms for the awesome leadership trip I earned from Dove Chocolate Discoveries. New Orleans in January - can't wait!!
  6. I still need to take a picture for ya'll of the awesome shawl my mom knit for me. I'm wearing it now - so cozy!!!
  7. Jack was so cute when I was playing with him after lunch today. He got a little cup out of the toy box and took a 'drink.' Then he brought it to me to share. Then I saw him walk around the whole room and give a drink to each of his Thomas the Train toys. Trains with faces - apparently he's not as freaked out as I am...
  8. I'm so excited that my new Erin Condren planner has already shipped! Want a discount on one of your own? Let me know! If I refer you via email, you'll get a $10 coupon.
  9. And I get a new hoodie next week! When all the girls on my daughter's baton team were getting theirs, I ordered one for me too.
  10. Exactly two months til Christmas. That doesn't sound like long at all...

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