19 October 2013

Immune Boosting Tips - A Guest Post

Immune Boosting Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Before the dreaded cold and flu season starts, it is best to start building up your immune system. Let us look at some great tips for boosting your immune system to prepare for the cold and flu season. These tips will also work once the cold and flu season are in full swing. 

When people think of immune boosting foods, they generally think of foods they do not like or know their children will not eat. However, just because it is healthy does not mean it will taste bad. Nor, does it mean you will have to “fight” with you kids to get them to eat it.

Of course, we cannot overlook the fact that toddlers and preschool age children do not like the taste of a lot of foods. However, we do have a few sneaky ways of getting those foods on to their plates and down the hatch without them even knowing it that I will share with you!


All green leafy vegetables have immune boosting properties as do broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans. Luckily, cheese (low fat is best) is also a healthy food that should be included in your diet year round. Most children love cheese, therefore one of our tips to get your child to eat their immune boosting healthy vegetables, especially broccoli and cauliflower, is to add cheese to it. If your child is a real picky eater try using other vegetables to give the cheesy main vegetable a face. Give the vegetable a little hair using string beans, peas for eyes, a carrot nose and a string bean mouth. If you are only preparing one vegetable, then just cut or dice small pieces for the eyes, nose and mouth of the same veggie. Children do love colorful food, something to keep in mind.


Fruits are great immune boosting foods and most children and adults like them. Try to serve fruits that are high in vitamin C. All of the berry fruits are great too as they are loaded with antioxidants. These not only boost the immune system, they also fight off toxins, and germs that enter your body, keeping you healthier. 

Of all the berries, the blueberry and strawberry are the most powerful. Strawberries can be dipped in low-fat cool-whip as a snack, breakfast or dessert. Blueberries are wonderful in whole grain pancakes. If you or your child is not fond of blueberries or strawberries, you can put them through the food processor and mix them in the batter. 

Super Foods to Help Prevent Colds and the Flu

Sweet potato, mushrooms, garlic, lean beef, and chicken soup all top the food list for immune boosting foods to prevent the common cold and flu viruses. If you can get a few of these foods into your daily diet, your immune system will be happy and thriving and busy at work preventing colds and the flu.

Cold and Flu Fighting Hygiene Tips 

During cold and flu season be sure to take your daily vitamin and mineral supplement. Have bottle of Echinacea on hand, if you start to feel under the weather follow the directions on the back of the bottle for dosages. Echinacea is a wonderful cold and flu-fighting supplement.

Always carry a small packet of tissues with you, hand sanitizer, and try to avoid opening public doors with your bare hand, use a tissue. If you get the sniffles or body aches, allow your body to rest, this will also help keep your immune system working well.

Tammy Mahan has worked in the healthcare field for over 20 years. In her free time, she contributes articles to Healthline.com. 

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siteseer said...

lots of good advice. I also are very careful to always wash my hands when I get home from anywhere. And I've invested in a bottle of 'airborne' that I take whenever I feel the need. There are lots of things to help fight the ongoing battle of colds and flu