01 October 2013

Happy Second Birthday, Jack!

Oh, my boy. You are certainly two.

When you're happy, the whole world can't help but smile with you. When you're not happy, though..look out!

The full happy squeal lasts just a minute, then you usually look pretty content or contemplative about the world around you. I call you my grumpy old man much of the time, but I know you're keeping that smile on the inside.

Every time you climb up on me when you're supposed to be going to sleep, and I find it's just so you can give me another kiss, you melt my heart a little more.

I can't wait to hear everything you have to say, but at the same time I don't want to rush you growing up. Because you are my baby. Our family is complete.

It's hard to talk about you without mentioning your sister, since she was everything I knew about babies and toddlers until you came along. You made my previous knowledge frequently useless, but that's okay. It's an adventure I love to learn about you. And I'm pretty sure you don't mind having your sister mentioned in your birthday post, as she is definitely your favorite.

That overpowering joy that you just can't hold back? I get to see it every day when your sister walks off her school bus. You run to her, giggling and screaming her name, until you hug each other and we begin the walk home. It would only take five minutes by myself, but you have so much exploring to do every day that it takes much, much longer. But I hate to rush you when you're enjoying yourself so much.

Thank you, Jack, for choosing us as your family. I hope we always love each other as much as we do now, or even more.

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siteseer said...

what a wonderful post. Jack is definitely a fun little boy. I love the way his smile and laughter light up the whole world. We're so grateful for the blessing of Jack!