04 September 2013


Of course I spend a lot more time in my 'off' weeks wondering how my life would be different if I'd stuck with a 'career' path instead of deciding to skip a few luxuries for our family and be a stay at home (or even work from home) mom.

Yesterday I woke up feeling horrible. I didn't sleep very well, and though I tried to just keep pushing through, my poor daughter heard me..er...tossing my cookies.. as soon as I attempted to eat and drink. So then she was worried about me and probably started her day off on the wrong foot too! Poor us :(

I'm not sure - if I had gotten up a few hours earlier to head into the office as a San Diego Employment Lawyer, would I have awoke before the sickies, or taken the luxury of a sick day? As it was, I kept pressing on. Laying on the couch for a bit in the morning helped, but Jack couldn't resist climbing on me and beating me with an odd assortment of toys ;) I told Maggie if I wasn't feeling better she may have to walk home from the bus stop without me, but I happily made it. Hate to disappoint that girl!

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siteseer said...

hope you feel better soon. It is a wonderful luxury to be able to just relax on days that you don't feel like doing anything.