04 September 2013

Wednesday HodgePodge

1. What's something you're never too young or too old to enjoy?

Anything you feel like, mostly. I love to get silly with my kids, and they love to see me comfortable enough to do it :)

2. Share one happy memory from your high school years.

Mostly just the friendships, and the comfort of seeing and enjoying the same familiar faces day in and day out. I've fallen out of touch with most of them for various reasons. 
3. A nationwide strike of fast food employees took place in the US last week...they're calling for higher wages and the right to unionize.  Your thoughts?

I think fast food is a great job for a younger person, or someone who just wants minimal hours (like a mom with just a few spare hours each week!). If people want a career and more money, either put in the time and work their way to management, or get more training for a different job.

4. September is National Honey Month...what's a favorite dish you make or eat that calls for honey?

I like that my daughter loves a good peanut butter and honey sandwich.

5. If you notice someone with a tag sticking out, a button unbuttoned, a shirt inside-out, or some leftover lunch between their teeth,  do you say something or do you keep quiet?

I usually say something. Because I'd want someone to mention it to me. Unless there's absolutely nothing that can be done to fix it. Then I'd rather not stress about it.

6. What's a movie that always makes you cry? Or at least makes you feel like crying?

Hmm...While I can't just up and name one, there are several of the kids movies that I get a bit choked up over.

7. Mary Had a Little Lamb was written in 1830, and published in Juvenile Miscellany in September of that same year. Now for the fun part...create your own four line rhyme using that same tune.


Maggie's back to school again, school again, school again
Jack and I miss her all day long
Until it's four o'clock!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Huh. A constant random thought on my back burner lately is how great my chocolate team is doing! Yay Sweet Dreamers!

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Joyce said...

Schools are just starting back in our town today. Odd to start on a Friday, but I think they did it that way because of the Jewish holiday on Thursday. Have a great weekend!