23 September 2013

Menu Plan Monday

This week isn't very 'stressful' for meal planning...

MONDAY: Swim class, and we always pick up Chinese on the way home.

TUESDAY: I have my Dove team meeting... I had originally requested that hubby come along and eat a pizza with the kids so I can maybe join them if no one shows up, but now I'm thinking I may make something in the crock pot so I can just head home afterwards and enjoy.

WEDNESDAY: Probably Whole Grain Chicken Helper - the honey mustard flavor one.

THURSDAY: For whatever reason, I haven't written it in my calendar yet, but I know I have a direct sellers bingo night. Free bingo, donated prizes, more cards for doing business with the vendors. Oh, and for dinner, that translates to: I'm not home, so hubby will call the shots.

FRIDAY: I have a chocolate tasting party. See the last sentence of Thursday ;)

SATURDAY: Jack's birthday party! I think we'll go with ordering pizzas. It's Jack's favorite, after all!

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