20 September 2013

Fun to Come!

So currently on my to-do list is planning a birthday party for my favorite little man (Jack, of course) for next weekend. He'll be turning two soon after that, but weekends are the way to go, especially since his older sister has to get up and ready for school every other morning.

I've only gotten one call so far asking what he'd like, and I'm glad they called me instead of hubby. Hubby would probably jump right to saying he wants a atv 110cc, when right now clothes and anything with Thomas the Train will do just fine.

Honestly, it'll be a pretty low-key birthday, party wise. We're just inviting immediate family, as a two-year-old who doesn't make conversation doesn't get to make any other invite list ;) He'll have a blast just playing with those he's known and loved his whole life. Big sissy and I are picking out fun decorations - probably Thomas the Train!

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siteseer said...

can't wait :)