01 September 2013

How We Roll

I'm always pretty happy to say we don't have cable tv. Unfortunately, it sounds even nicer than it really is. See, we get EVERYTHING with our hdmediaplayer.com. It's where we keep our pictures, our music, and our movies, but then to be even more evil, it's how we access Netflix and Pandora. So really? The whole world seeps in through our HD.

I suppose it is the best way for us now, as the kids and their activities never allow us to consistently watch any of the shows that sound like they may be good. So watching all the goodies at the tip of our fingers whenever we like works well for us.


Hf said...

That's how we roll too, though we use Roku. Still it rocks not having to listen to the kids talk on and on about something they saw on a commercial!

siteseer said...

we're rolling that way too when we get to watch tv at all. while camping there is little or no tv