31 August 2013

We went to a beautiful wedding tonight. At least I assume it was a wedding. That's what we were invited to, and I recognized the bride and groom. But I didn't understand more than a few words of the ceremony. It was mostly in Vietnamese. I suspect a lot of the Vietnamese guests may have had difficulty understanding the Polish priest trying to read Vietnamese too, but it all still looked very beautiful and had all the warm emotion of a wedding in any language.

I was impressed with the bridesmaids dresses. They were a light pink, with a pretty classical dress overlaid with tulle. And only knee-length. Definitely looked like something those ladies may be able to wear again.

Dinner was a mixed bag. The appetizers were awesome! Lobster bites, bacon-wrapped scallops (YUM), delicious cheese and crackers, fruit... I'm sure I'm forgetting something - OH - the asparagus spears - anyway, it was all great. We then had a wonderful chowder with chicken and some corn, and a refreshing salad with spinach, peas, chickpeas, feta cheese and a creamy dressing. Seriously? I was thrilled so far. But maybe too thrilled - by the time dinner came I wasn't super excited anymore (maybe because I ate too many appetizers? I'm not denying the possibility.).

Overall it was a great time, where hubby got to catch up with some previous co-workers, and I met some new friends as well. And of course the bride and groom are two of the most fabulous people I know, so it was great to share in such a memorable day with them.

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siteseer said...

glad you guys were able to make the trip. Sounds like an awesome menu too