17 August 2013

Sounded Like What??

Can anything in music sound like what it is? I overheard hubby and a friend talking about some of their old band equipment the other day... big muff pi (distortion pedal?), swollen pickle (for guitar effects?)... It's like a secret code language so we just wonder how they made such great music.

It makes me curious how they made music years ago with 'real' sounds instead of synthetic effects. I remember even as recent as when I was in college (okay, that was almost 20 years ago) when my musical friends would 'sample' sounds from the real world to use in songs. And you figure even by recording street sounds for later, they still were processing it electronically and unable to duplicate it live.



siteseer said...

remember that guy that made all of those sounds with his mouth? I remember a brass ball dropping down the stairs and then he did another metal kind of ball just to show the difference. And all of the sounds were produced by him, crazy is right.

Wendy said...

I love groups like Stomp that turn ordinary noise into something amazing. :)