16 August 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. So. Confused. Yesterday I was convinced it was Friday, but of course today isn't Saturday, so I feel like it's a sort of extra day and I'm not sure WHAT I need to do....
  2. Oh, yeah - I should do some more laundry. Because I should always be doing laundry ;)
  3. I think Jack is currently napping through my grocery shopping window. And tomorrow everything will probably be more crowded and I won't want to shop. I think we have enough food to not starve before Monday. I'm pretty sure...
  4. It's a testament to how truly 'random' I am today that I keep forgetting I'm working on this post. Doh! But at least now the laundry is started and the yummy steaks are marinating for dinner.
  5. Walked away again. Oops.
  6. Am I the only one LOVING the 'fall' weather? Someone commented on what a beautiful October day we were having earlier this week. I'd be perfectly happy if it were like this right up til November :)
  7. I believe I have some free samples waiting in my P.O. box. Need to get up there to get them. Free samples are always fun!
  8. As much as I am admittedly enjoying the cool weather, I just can't believe summer is practically over! There were very few HOT days this year. I wouldn't mind if the winter were less cold and snowy too. Hey, a girl can dream.
  9. I totally thought there would be more excitement over my offering business kits on sale, but I still have all three coupons to give away! If you know someone interested in an extra income stream or part-time hobby that earns money instead of costing, I'm part of a fabulous ground-floor business backed by a world leader in CHOCOLATE! Let me know if you or a friend is interested in starting your own business for less than $100.
  10. I actually did make a bit of progress in my office the other day (as far as straightening stuff and purging...). Hopefully much more to follow soon.


Denise said...

I like to call it Augtober, and I wish I had been home to enjoy it instead of spending it freezing on our "beach" vacation up north, totally underpacked for 50 degree nights.

siteseer said...

laundry is on my list... maybe tomorrow lol. We've been right on the beach (Lake Superior) and it's been in the 80's. I even ventured into the water yesterday. It was fine, but the waves were too big