21 July 2013

The Frog Story I'm Allowed to Tell

Maggie has been getting a bit funny lately about being embarrassed. She doesn't like for me to tell any stories about things we do (mentioning her) or things she says. But this story is funny enough for all of us that she says I'm allowed to re-tell.

This morning on our way to breakfast, we were all getting in the truck. Maggie prefers to open the truck doors by herself, so I was patiently waiting. Suddenly I saw something fall, and she screamed like, well, a little girl. While her re-telling makes it even funnier, essentially there was a poor tree-frog in the door handle. After she squished him with her fingers, he jumped into her hair before falling to the ground. We all had a really good laugh and he appeared to get away safely, if very scared...

After breakfast, the story just compounded when she warned me to look in the handle before I opened the door to help her into the truck. Sure enough, her little friend (or one of its relatives) was waiting to surprise someone again!

We've been on a frog-hunt ever since, and Maggie is convinced she might be a teenager/style-girl yet, since she usually likes slimy stuff, but this time she screamed. ;)

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siteseer said...

oh too FUNNY!!! lol I love when she says 'we don't have to tell anyone' then as soon as someone shows up she tells all!! lol She is adorable!!