31 July 2013

More Projects

We've had to re-organize some of the family room yet again. See, I found this AWESOME ride-on Thomas the Train for Jack, but to not have it completely ruined outside, we've set it up in the family room. Along with miles of track.

Okay, maybe not 'miles,' but enough to necessitate moving around the furniture and struggling to re-hide a lot of the cheap speaker cable at musicians friend so it doesn't get repeatedly driven over. Because along with being a train room, our family room is still where we set up all of our viewing and listening activities.

So what's your best trick for hiding cable/wire/cords? We can't have our music interfered with, of course! Most of it is tucked around the corners of the room, as close to 'underneath' the floor moulding as we can get it.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

ours is either in the moulding or run along the basement ceiling then brought up on the floor wherever it is needed. Not something I do lol