10 July 2013

Happy Independence - Use it Well!

We took full advantage of the holiday weekend and then some!

On Wednesday, July 3, hubby got off work a little early and we headed to meet up with my parents at the campground where they were staying. After arriving in time for a late-ish dinner, we walked around the park and then settled in to make s'mores! Yum!

Thursday - the Fourth - hubby headed to his dad's camper, which was only a few towns over. Hubby, Grandpa and Jack went to a parade and swam in Lake Huron. While they were gone, Maggie, Mimi and I swam at the beach (okay, I sat in a lawn chair and read like Papa), and swam in the pool (for real I did that time!).

Once we all met up back at camp, we had some dinner followed by a birthday celebration for Maggie's sixth! Her birthday isn't for a couple weeks, but the summer has gotten so busy we decided to go ahead and celebrate while we were together. The evening was capped off with Maggie's first motorcycle ride. Remind me to post the full story of that another time ;)
More s'more followed, of course!

Friday morning spelled the end of this camping trip. Hubby and I had plans to help a friend celebrate his 50th birthday that night closer to home. After the party and a lazy Saturday at home, the kids and I were ready for more camping fun!

On Sunday the 7th, just the kids and I headed to yet another campground where Mimi and Papa had moved to. It was still just a couple hours from our home, so quite doable for a short trip. Since we got there a little earlier in the day, our first stop was the pool!
There was an awesome guy, Chet, at the pool, who provided all interested parties with giant squirt bazookas! Anyone in the water and holding a gun was fair game and liable to be squirted. Including little Maggie and baby Jack in his Lightning McQueen floaty! We all had a blast.

We ended up very glad we had so much fun swimming on Sunday, because the weather was never quite that ideal again. On Monday we went for a few walks, and got a short swim in, and then repeated it on Tuesday. The rain Monday night was rumored to be my fault, since we were out of marshmallows and I bought more. We ended up with microwave s'mores for this trip :)

What has been your best summer trip so far this year? And if it hasn't happened yet, it's not too late - make plans to go out and have some fun with your loved ones!

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siteseer said...

my whole summer has been like that lol I'm thinking my whole world will now be summer since I won't be here for the winter - don't know if that makes me happy or sad lol