14 June 2013

What a Week!

The second week of June is always pretty busy in our family. We've got my parents' anniversary (42 years this year!), which is the same day (but not year) as hubby's birthday. And the next day is my birthday! Happiness all around :)

This year, though, our special week has a little extra stress. Poor Jack has thrown up a few times. I can't even really say he's sick, per se, but he has thrown up. Not really feverish, or miserable, or otherwise showing symptoms of illness. Besides throwing up a few times. Throughout Monday evening, then fine all night, then just once on Tuesday, then a few times Wednesday evening. Give me a break! I just keep asking Maggie obsessively how she's feeling. She's go so much fun stuff going on for the last week of school that I hate for her to have to miss any of it!

I've still done my best to help everyone enjoy their special days, but at times I admit it's been impossible (sorry about the vomit-covered carseat as soon as you got home on your birthday, hubby!). Hopefully everyone's on the mend soon!

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