16 June 2013

Weekend Recap

Woo-hoo! We capped off a busy week with a busy weekend - both good and bad ;)

Saturday the time finally arrived to pick up my car (it's been in the shop for three long weeks since we were the victims of a hit and run before Memorial Day). The car turned out BEAUTIFUL! And I'm so happy to have my full-size car instead of the Chevy Sonic that was our rental. Not a bad car, but that thing was small.
Before we left home, Maggie said her tummy hurt, but I just wrote it off to hopefully being nerves since she didn't really want to meet some new people that afternoon. Nope - she finally caught Jack's bug. Half way home, in the newly detailed car, she said, "I don't feel so good." As I frantically yelled, "PULL OVER, PULL OVER," to hubby and unlocked the door, she held it for just a second longer. Hubby got her out of the car where she promptly vomited on the side of the expressway. All's well that ends well, right? And then she made it home after that.

Back in town, I got to go to a CAbi clearance sale with a friend. I picked up a nice shirtdress and a pair of dressy capris. Perfect, since my show clothes are looking pretty wintery - one outfit included a pair of cords, which I just pretended was how I planned it, even in the middle of summer ;)

I wasn't gone long, and was glad hubby got to go out with a friend from out of town later on that evening. His friend has worked in New Zealand, lives in California, and is on his way to an assignment in Toronto. He was stopping by the good ole mitten state to visit his parents on his way through. Luckily they were able to hang out and catch up.

Maggie and I slept on the couch til daddy got home, then he took over the couch duty so I could go put the then-awake-again baby back to sleep with me in our bed. The fun never ends around here ;)

For Father's Day, we let daddy start out the day with a few hours nap in the bed, and then we all headed out to Sam's Club to get some goodies. Of course, yay for all the samples on a Sunday! Maggie wanted us to head to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch, but we already had burgers planned for dinner. Instead we opted for a table on the lake at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was surprisingly empty! We had a very nice lunch and both kids were finally eating, enjoying themselves and looking healthy.

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