20 June 2013

Thursday Thirteen

I really want Maggie to learn to always find the bright side of things, and generally focus on the positive. Yesterday could have been considered a bit of a challenge, after we got a major flat tire on our way to lunch. After waiting for the tow truck and heading to the tire shop, we ended up finally getting lunch at 2PM, and never did get to go summer clothes shopping for her as planned! So today I'm including 13 things (several actually said out loud) that were positive for us yesterday.

  1. We were on a surface street (not on the expressway) when we had our blow-out.
  2. Maggie had the window down and heard the weird noise of the flat tire right away.
  3. We were just before a driveway/parking lot!
  4. It was a nice day - not too hot, and not rainy or yucky.
  5. Mommy didn't damage the wheel by driving on it.
  6. The parking lot had a couple closed store-fronts so we could park with lots of room around our car, making it easy to change the tire for the tow truck, and easy for the two truck to see us.
  7. The parking lot had several open businesses - including a Jo-Ann's where we were able to use the bathroom and get a magazine to pass the time.
  8. A nice Oakland County sheriff stopped by to check that we were okay.
  9. The tow truck came much faster than promised!
  10. Our spare tire was in good condition.
  11. We found a pack of gummy worms to snack on in mom's purse!
  12. A nice lady stopped by to make sure we were okay.
  13. The tire shop is next door to an Arby's.
Yay for a lucky day! <3

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siteseer said...

you're right, there is something good in everything sometimes it's just really hard to find. Glad you're all safe.