28 June 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Although I'm really trying, I'm still not a fan of menu-planning. I even acknowledge that it makes me life easier, but I'm not big on thinking about food, and I dislike sitting down and writing it out. Along with the grocery list.
  2. I wish I enjoyed eating breakfast more.
  3. I'm so excited for another birthday month! My niece turns three exactly two days before my daughter turns six - always makes for a nice family celebration for both of them :) 
  4. Birthday stuff and Dove Chocolate conference stuff will FILL UP the last two weeks of July! We have a family celebration with hubby's side of the family, probably something somewhere for my niece, then Maggie's birthday party with her friends. Add in a chocolate tasting party, then a road trip to St Louis for National Conference. Woo-hoo!!
  5. My eye has been twitching for four days now. Pretty much driving me nuts. 
  6. Ugh. I have a bunch of stuff to do to be ready to leave for my chocolate tasting party on time tonight, but I'm still somehow unmotivated.
  7. And I'm nowhere near leaving the house, but already feel like I'm forgetting something... I need to hit Target, maybe Meijer, Michael's, and then get back here and pack up. Oh, and maybe I should pencil in a shower and getting dressed before that? 
  8. What am I doing still on the computer? I've got to GO!
  9. I totally want to remember to bring Maggie's library books with me tonight, so I can drop them in the box on my way home, after the library is closed. It's such a hassle to get both kids out of the car during the day just to return library books when we don't have time to actually 'visit' the library.
  10. Look out Friday - here I come!

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siteseer said...

you are one busy lady